The Cooper Collection
Volume 1
by Albert W. Cooper

The Cooper Collection Volume 1 by Albert W. Cooper

 This handsomely produced volume records a unique collection of stringed instruments and bows. It contains 30 fine Italian instruments plus 40 French and English bows which are illustrated with over 250 colour photographs. Nine aspects of each instrument and two of each bow are shown with measurements. Where relevant, details are included in the text accompanying each subject with translations into German, French, Italian and Japanese.

The finished volume has over 250 pages & measures 210 x 300mm. It is hard bound and boxed. The De-luxe edition is covered in gold blocked Skivertex simulated leather, the Standard edition is cloth covered. Both editions have dust covers.

Photography by: David Cousins.


List of instruments featured:

AMATI, Antonio and Hieronymus. Cremona 1603. (Violin)
AMATI, Antonio and Hieronymus. Cremona 1620. (Violin)
ANTONIAZZI, Riccardo. Milan 1887. (Viola)
BERGONZI, Carlo (the second). Cremona 1780. (Violin)

BISIACH, Leandro. Milan 1898. (Violin)

BISIACH Workshops. Milan c.1900. (Violin)
CORTA, Alfonso Della. Naples 1830. (Viola)
CORTA, Alfonso Della. Naples 1863. (Violin)

COMUNI, Antonius. Piacenza 1820. (Violin)

DESPINE, Alessandrus. Turin c.1840. (Violin
EBERLE, Tommaso. Naples, c. 1775. (Violin)

FAGNOLA, Hannabel. Turin 1921. (Violin)
GAGLIANO, Alexandri. Naples 1725. (Violin)
GRANCINO, Giovanni. Milan c. 1690. (Cello)

GRANCINO, Paolo. Milan c. 1680-90. (Violin)
GUADAGNINI, Joannus Baptista. Parma 1762. (Violin)
GUARNERI, Joseph Filias Andrea. Cremona c. 1720. (Violin)
MANTEGAZZA, Francesco. Milan 1788. (Viola)
MANTEGAZZA, Pietro Giovanni. Milan 1793. (Viola)
ODOARDI, Joseph. Asculum. (Violin)

PEDRAZZINI, Giuseppe. Milan 1914. (Violin)
PEDRINELLI, Antonio. Crespano 1850. (Violin)
ROCCA Joseph Antonius. Turin 1840. (Violin)
ROGERI, Pietro Giacomo. Brescia 1723. (Violin)
SCHWARZ, Giovanni. Venice 1912. (Violin)
TECCHLER, David. Roman School c. 17 30. (Violin)
TESTORI, Carlo Antonio. Milan 1755. (Violin)
TONONI, Carlo. Venice 1721. (Violin)
TONONI, Joannus. Bologna c.1700. (Violin)
VALENZANO, Joannes Maria. Valentia 1821. (Violin)

VENTAPANE, Lorenzo. Naples c.1820. (Violin)

A selection of the bows featured: 

The Carlo Tononi Bow
Adam, "Grand"
Gand and Bernardel
  Henry, Joseph
Lafleur, Jacques

Lamy, Alfred Joseph
Lupot, Francois
Maire, Nicolas
Maline, Guillaume
Maucotel, Paris
  Ouchard, Emile A
Ouchard, Emile Francois

Peccatte, Charles

Peccatte, Dominque

Persois, P.R.S.

Sartory, Eugene
Thomassin, Claude

Thomassin, Louis
Tourte, Pere

Vigneron, Andre
Vigneron, Joseph Arthur

Voirin, Francois Nicolas
Voirin, Joseph

Vuillaume, Jean Baptiste