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The Cooper Collection
of violins and stringed instruments

I am often asked how the collection started, and the answer is… quite unintentionally! Surprisingly, it began not with a violin but with a bow. In 1953 I was called in to clear up the estate of the well known Brighton firm of W.H. Tibbalds after the sad demise of Bert Tibbalds. Lodged behind the work bench was a bow by J.B. Vuillaume, it had obviously been there a long time, probably lost during the war years. More out of respect for the family, and with their permission, I decided to keep this fine example of French work. However, it was at least another ten years or so before it became possible to form even the nucleus of a collection of instruments. Having published two volumes of the collection that include instruments by Amati, Guarneri, & Tononi and bows by Tubbs, Dodd and Panormo I am now pleased to make the third and final part available on this web site.

I like to think of it now as a working collection and these publications as a reference for those, who like myself, are fascinated and deeply involved in the subject of "Instruments played with a Bow."

Albert Cooper 2004

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